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Kelly Edwards

Artist Bio

Kelly Edwards is primarily an expressionistic watercolor and mixed media artist located in Putnam County, NY. Becoming a self-taught artist allowed her to find a peaceful balance between her busy household as a mother of four and the desire to develop a more relaxed state of mind. She finds inspiration from nature and often incorporates line art, embroidery, and collage in her pieces. Kelly Edwards has shown in many group exhibitions in the Hudson Valley area, been a featured artist in local establishments, and can be found as a fine art vendor in local art festivals and markets.

Painting trees is my way of connecting my thoughts with growth and gifts…

Artist Statement

Painting trees is my way of connecting my thoughts with growth and gifts…

Gifts like the days the breeze is swaying the trees and there are gusts just before the storm and I face the lofty sky filled with leaves swooping and fluttering.

Days with creaking branches from wind that sends their earthy breathy whisper to my small being, thankful for their strength and roots.

Nights where I can close my eyes and my landlocked home is now by the shore as the wind and rustling trees trick my brain and it’s delightful.

There are gifts of sturdy shade.

And of stepping out of shadow.

There are ever-changing landscapes from season to season. Summer privacy of full greenery to leaves’ end of life dance in hues. Haunting silhouettes that feed imagination and remind us there is untamed land once again that was hidden just a season ago. There’s renewal and sudden bursts of life not just growing from the tree but amongst it.

The dappled patterns of light from the shadows of the leaves capturing sunlight.

Awe inducing moments when the tree focuses heavenly channels of light in a glorious glow.

The least I can do is try in my way to capture that breath, strength, and giving nature.

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