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Featured Artist & Interview Gallery

PAC's Featured Member Artists

A Virtual Gallery collection of interviews and artwork from our member artists

PAC’s new member feature for artists in the community includes a show, a virtual gallery spot and an interview. Each interview introduces you to an artist you may not have heard about. Learn more about the artistic process through one-on-one interviews featuring established to emerging PAC member artists who have valuable experiences to share.

All content is the property of PAC and cannot be used without permission. All artwork on this site remains the property of the artist and used here with permission.

Current Featured Member Artist: Doris Tomaselli

Past Featured Member Artists

Sue Zoon
Maggie Zeitlin
Heliodoro SantaColoma
Herman Roggeman
Jean Tock
Joan Gillman Smith
Dawn Willis
Nancy Faulds
Sue DeMarzo
Karen Villarreal
Ira 'Spider' Leff
Paul Kmiotek
Lila Turjanski-Villard
Kelly Edwards
Michael Cole
Ben Harrison
Amanda Lincks
Joseph Pizzuti
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