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A Voice for the Arts

The Putnam Arts Council (PAC), an independent organization, is the official voice for the arts in Putnam County. As a cultural advocate for the arts, PAC continually works as a liason with local, county and state government and the media to promote and maintain the importance of the arts and to inform these agencies on the impact the arts have on regional economic development and tourism. PAC works with the Putnam Alliance, The Putnam County Visitors Bureau, and the Putnam County Economic Development Committee in an effort to position the arts as a major force in the development of Putnam County. PAC is part of a Regional Alliance of Mid-Hudson Arts Councils, whose focus is to promote cultural tourism, share resources and create a unified presence.

PAC continually strives to develop audiences for the arts, to provide additional opportunities for individual artists, and to promote the cultural efforts of local and community arts organizations.

Contact PAC

You can reach out to someone at the Putnam Arts Council to answer any questions you may have relating to grants and funding.


Here you’ll find more information relating to grants/regrant program.

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