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A. Eric Arctander Visual Arts Grant for 2019

The A. Eric Arctander Artist Scholarship was created by family and friends. The award is to honor Eric not only as an artist but as a teacher, mentor and friend of younger artists who assisted them in pursuing a life in art.

A. Eric Arctander was a visual artist who has been widely exhibited as a painter and the creator of site-specific public art for which he received the Municipal Art Society Certificate of Merit. He was co-founder and President of Collaborative Concepts, a not-for-profit, non-membership organization that has facilitated exhibitions since 2000. He initiated that organization’s Program for Advanced Environmental Art for college level art students.

Eric Arctander was Professor of Art History for more than 15 years at Pratt Institute as well as on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts for over 25 years. He has published many articles and written critical catalog essays on advanced art.

Image: A. Eric Arctander,Oculus Series

“During the night some of the mountains moved.
Presumably to higher ground.

Now our valley seemed so low, but it still looked like home. It is where my family has been for generations. Only my grandmother was an outsider. She came from another valley. All her life she would regale us with the marvels of her valley. Like ours, it had a river dividing it and thus, like us, there are people from the other side. I have never been there as the journey is both dangerous and boring.

When I was a child the most extraordinary event occurred. A plane landed in our valley. The glittering wings stacked upon wings stood out among the cows in the field. Although foul smelling, the pilot was a dashing figure in a white scarf. Where he came from and where he was going, was a mystery to all. And because he spoke French it was never learned. I knew then what my destiny was to be. To Fly! To fly from valley to valley.

In my life, however, I have not been bitter or disappointed that such a fate would elude me (although I continue to study French). So it was that I came to be an artist. And still I paint those valleys of my dreams and take flight over distant mountains.”


Grant Overview

  • The purpose of the GRANT is to support a VISUAL ARTIST.  The application process begins March 15, 2019.
  • The scholarship stipend is $1,000.00 and will be awarded by August 15th, 2019.
  • Work of the selected artist will be shown at the discretion of the Putnam Arts Council at the Belle Levine Arts Center, Mahopac, New York.

Who Can Apply:

  • You must be a visual artist, 25 to 45 years old, involved with one or more of the following areas: Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Mixed Media (2D) and (3D), Installation Art and Sculpture.
  • The grant can be used for exploring materials, techniques and direction for your personal and professional, artistic development.
  • You must be a resident of either Dutchess, Westchester or Putnam County in New York State.
  • You must have an e-mail address.

Questions: ask at artema@optonline.net

About The Award Process
Evaluation and selection of Awards Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria: Artistic merit based on the quality of work submitted and on the applicant’s written intent to expand on their artistic development. The selection of the award will be decided by a panel of arts professionals. All materials and information involved in the selection process are kept confidential and are viewed by the panelists. Materials not meeting the submission guidelines, will render an application ineligible.

Award Selection
Decisions will be e-mailed to all applicants approximately one month after the deadline date of July 15th 2019. A payment of $1,000 will awarded through the Putnam Arts Council. The award is subject to verification of information submitted and proof of residency in one of the three counties specified. A sample of the artist’s work will also be requested and included in a show at the Putnam Arts Council in the fall of 2019.

General Submission Information
Work submitted must have been created between 2014 and 2019.  Panelists are asked to evaluate work based on the materials submitted. Poor quality submission materials could affect the panel’s evaluation.  Your website with additional artwork is important but only supplemental to the images that must be submitted by the artist.

Online Application Requirements to be completed at: www.entrythingy.com/d=collaborativeconcepts.org  All lines of the application with (*) must be filled out.
For assistance contact: collaborativeconcepts@optonline.net

Application Guidelines: Fill in all required fields at this website. Only entries thru this website will be considered. See items 1-5.
1. Provide a personal artist’s statement of 400 words or less.
2. Provide the purpose of the scholarship and how it will advance your development in the arts.
3. Provide a one page summary of your professional and educational art background.
4. Provide Five (5) images to be email submitted using the following specifications. You must list Size, Medium and Title for each.
Image size: 1240 pixels x 1240 pixels maximum, 300dpi resolution.
File size: no larger than 4 MB each. Image Format:  JPG or JPEG only.
5. Applicant must also include their website for any additional artwork and documentation of their work.
6. Upon selection, the 2019 winner will be asked to submit a valid Soc. Sec. number and Proof of age & residency.

Award Winners

2014     Matthew Keeney
2016     Lance Johnson & Kendra Shedenhelm
2017     Daniel Willner
2018     Stefani Wolfson
2019     Natalia Arbelaez

Putnam Arts Council’s Arts Link Community Grant Program

Call to Cultural Organizations and Community Non-Profits 2020 Funding Opportunity for Art Projects in Putnam County, NY.
Guidelines and Application are posted under the “Grants” link in the top menu of this webpage. Start with the grants overview here www.putnamartscouncil.com/arts-link-grant-program-overview.
Contact our Grants Coordinator: grants@putnamartscouncil.com or contact PAC at 845-803-8622.

George Shawe Memorial Visual Art Scholarship



From 1998 through 2013, the Putnam Arts Council has administered the George Shawe Memorial Visual Art Scholarship in memory of Mr. Shawe, a former Putnam Arts Council Board member, visual artist and educator. The scholarship recognizes artistic excellence to graduating Putnam County High School seniors who are moving forward with their scholastic or vocational efforts in the arts.
This fund required ongoing support to continue disbursements and thanks to a contribution from David & Adi Green (Results Advertising), we were able to award the scholarship in 2012 and 2013.
We are proud to have dispersed funds that encouraged and supported the work of emerging visual artists and note that many continue to contribute their talent and expertise as instructors and exhibitors at the Putnam Arts Council.

2013 – Jenny Oliva – Mahopac High School and Connor Filardo – Haldane High School
2012 – Brendan Maxcy of Carmel High School
2009 – Michele Belanich of Putnam Valley High School
2008 – Amber Vittoria of Carmel High School
2006 – Lioudmila (Mila) Matveeva of Brewster High School
2005 – Kathleen McDermott of Carmel High School
2004 – Katharyn LaRanger of Carmel High School, and Kaitlin Sullivan of Haldane Central School

2003 – Mike Vlad of Carmel High School
2002 – Janette Maron of Mahopac High School, and Dana Regina of Mahopac High School
2001 – Sarah Gilchrist of Carmel High School, and Jennifer Collins of Mahopac High School
2000 – Melissa Young of Brewster High School
1999 – Kristan Johnson of Carmel High School, and Daniel Kucharczyk of Mahopac High School
1998 – Brian Ephraim of Mahopac High School

Please note: The George Shawe Scholarship is not currently available.

Bernard and Maria Hassell Collection

Each year the Putnam Arts Council presents the All County Student Art Show in cooperation with the Putnam County high schools. This show is displayed in the Levine Art Center Galleries and often provides the first opportunity for students to display their artwork in a professional gallery setting.

Artwork from this show is often purchased and becomes part of the Bernard & Maria Hassell Collection, a permanent collection of artwork maintained by the Putnam Arts Council and displayed in public sites throughout Putnam County.

The Hassell Collection is part of our Contemporary Collection, which also includes works donated to the Arts Council by area artists, and student artwork purchased from the National Council on Alcoholism Poster Contest.

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