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Pottery POD – a one day workshop for families and friends with Melissa Rossow, Saturday 12:30-3pm, July 20 or Aug 24


One day workshop on Saturdays, 12:30-3pm

This small group class is designed to provide a learning experience for friends and families to have fun in a small/pod environment. Have you always wanted to make your own pottery? This 2 ½ hour class will introduce you to hand building techniques where you will create a small cup and plate  or a project of your choice, which will feature a wonderful, personalized texture!

You will learn how to decorate your clay creation using a range of underglaze colors along with stamps, stencils and/or the sgraffito (carving) technique. Your piece will be left in the studio to dry where it will be bisque fired and clear glazed by the pottery instructor. We will contact you by phone or email, to follow up about your piece(s). This workshop is designed for you to experience the pottery process and create one piece. Extra pottery projects cost $5 per piece which will be due the day of the workshop. You might get muddy so wear an old shirt or apron!

Saturday, 12:30-3pm 

April 20 or May 18 or June 15 or July 20 or Aug 24

$60/$55 PAC member per person per workshop

NOTE: Please include the names of all students (as well as ages) for those under 18, in the note section of your online registration. Thank you.


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