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Drawing and Painting Birds for Beginners to Intermediate- with Charlotte Holden, Starts July 17


Have fun learning about birds and how to accurately draw and paint them!

Class 1: Basics of Drawing Birds Levels Beginner to Intermediate. This class will focus on the drawing birds, from finding basic shapes to defining accurate anatomy. Participants will work from provided photographs of birds to learn the stages of creating a representational drawing. The class will also cover the basics of bird anatomy, specifically as it applies to the drawing process, including, simple skeletal structure, feather groups and proportions.

Class 2: Basics of Watercolor Levels Beginner to Intermediate. Building on the first class, participants will complete their drawings from the first class. We will then dive into watercolors with an introduction to watercolor techniques and how they apply to painting birds, touching on color theory and the science behind plumage coloration. Participants will transfer their drawings to watercolor paper and begin the painting process.

Class 3: Birds in Watercolor Levels Beginner to Intermediate. The final class will focus on more advanced watercolor techniques and allow participants to create finished paintings. Participants will have the opportunity to receive feedback and share their work in class.

Materials list is available here.

3 Wednesdays, 11am-1pm
July 17, 24, 31
$75/$72 PAC members

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