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Amanda Lincks

Artist Bio

I am a senior at Mahopac High School and am planning to major in Graphic Design at Monmouth University. Being creative is something I’ve always enjoyed. From a young age, I noticed art in everyday things like the clouds, puddles, and leaves. I had artistic hobbies of crocheting and making crafts. It wasn’t until I started taking art classes in High School that I became focused on many different types of media and considered pursuing art as a career.

The media I like to use for drawing are pencils, ink, and oil pastels.


Artist Statement

I have loved all my classes in drawing, painting, ceramics, and graphic design. The media I like to use for drawing are pencils, ink, and oil pastels. My favorite paint to use is acrylic. For graphic design, I’m interested in the importance of typography and the use of color. I get excited for every part of the design process and the challenge of turning an idea into a finished work. As a member of the Art Club at school, I’ve had the chance to design logos and posters for various club apparel and events.

I like to use a good amount of my free time to create art. The Putnam Arts Council has been a great support. I have enjoyed volunteering as an assistant for watercolor classes and participating in three different art shows at the Putnam Arts Council.
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